Sales Terms & Conditions

1: Aim

The sales terms and conditions are meant to detail the rights and obligations of S.A.S.U. Sunada Recruitment (hereafter "Sunada Recruitment") and its customers regarding and of its clients concerning the sale of the services below:

  • Publishing job or internship ads on the website of Sunada Recruitment
  • Subscription to the CV database of Sunada Recruitment

Any services provided by Sunada Recruitment implies that the buyer agrees to the below terms & conditions without any exception.

2: Pricing

Services pricing are valid on the day of the order. It is displayed in euros and without VAT. VAT rate will thus be added with the legal VAT rate on the day of the order. Sunada Recruitment can change its pricing at any time. Sunada Recruitment will use the pricing displayed on the order date.

3: Discounts

Pricing includes discounts that Sunada Recruitment can offer depending on its results or in the case that the buyer would take care of some services Pricing for job and internship ads depends on the amount of services ordered by the buyer. Pricing for the access of the Sunada Recruitment CV database depends on the number of month subscribed by the buyer No discounts will be granted for early payment Discounts are accessible on our pricing page

4: Payment

For Payments can be done by:
card wire transfer
The buyer must fully pay for its order. If not, the order will be kept for 30 days while waiting for payment. After 30 days all data regarding the order will be deleted from our servers.

5: Late Payment Fees

In the case that the buyer would not pay for its order in totality or partially, the buyer will have to pay Sunada Recruitment late fees equivalent to 3 times the legal interest rates. The legal interest rates used is the one on the order date.
The fee is calculated on the amount left to pay including VAT and starts on the order date without any warning.
On top of the late fees for any unfulfilled payment (including advances/deposits) on the day it should be fulfilled, Sunada Recruitment will issue a flat-rate fee of 40 euros as collection fees (Articles 441-6, I alinéa 12 et D. 441-5 French Trade Law)

6: Cancellation Clause

15 days after the implementation of the Late Payment Fees clause and if the buyer as not fulfilled its payment, the sale will be canceled and would give Sunada Recruitment the possibility of seeking damages and compensations.

7: Services provided

Services included in clause 1 are done online on the website of Sunada Recruitment. The buyer will be notified within 24h of the order time. If the buyer notices a mistake, they will have to notify Sunada Recruitment by email within 48 hours of the order time.

8: Act of God

Sunada Recruitment is not responsible of any unfulfilled or the late fulfillment of any of its obligation in the sales terms and conditions resulting from an act of God. The definition of an Act Of God is external, unforeseeable and uncontrollable event as in article 1148 of the French Civil Code.

9: Competent Court

Any legal dispute regarding the interpretation and the execution of the hereby sales terms and conditions is subjected to the French Trade Law code. In case of any legal dispute regarding the interpretation and the execution of the hereby sales terms and conditions in English, the French version will be the one with legal value.
If an agreement cannot be reached the competent court will be the Paris Trade Court (Tribunal de commerce de Paris).